Answering the Question: Why Birds & Blossoms?

Answering the Question: Why Birds & Blossoms?

If you’ve been checking out the website lately, you’ve noticed that a few things have changed around here. Most notably, the name is no longer VanDuinen Studio, LLC! Birds & Blossoms has taken over both here and my social media accounts.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working my tail off getting all the changes underway and making sure the website still works, but I haven’t done a terribly great job at publicly explaining the changes.

Today’s blog post is meant to conquer that informational gap. I will answer some of the biggest questions about the change, and if you have any that remain unanswered, feel free to shoot me a note.

Why the name change?

First things first! I recently completed a course on Skillshare from Nayda Cruz that taught me how to build and publish my portfolio using InDesign instead of the Adobe Portfolio platform I was previously using. This gave me a lot more control over the look and function of my portfolio, and it gave me a chance to thoroughly evaluate and update every piece of artwork in my arsenal so far.

I’ve also been working with the Michigan SBDC to really solidify the functional side of this business, and I’ve been participating in public-facing events like the West Side Art Hop whenever I can.

The more I’ve crept out into the world, the more I’ve gotten the sense that a business name tied so closely to my personal name could end up holding me back in the long run. People were afraid to try and pronounce it, and it didn’t tell them a lot about the type of business they could expect to see.

I’m a dedicated listener to the Proof to Product podcast, and the host, Katie Hunt, talks to a lot of different stationery designers and other creative entrepreneurs. The more I listened, the more I realized I was feeling almost jealous of their cute, self-explanatory business names.

I started thinking about what kind of name I would choose if I started all over again. Then it hit me – I really didn’t have to think that hard! What do I usually draw? Birds and flowers. What was my first art collection called? Birds and Blooms. That name is taken already…how about Blossoms instead? Perfect!

It’s a name I can see on stationery and other products. It’s a name I’m confident about bringing into the market. It’s a name that reflects this business well, and I’m so excited to continue building with it.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

Functionally? Not much has changed! The shop is still open, and it still features fan favorites like the birdie tea towels. I’ve scaled inventory down a bit, but only to cut the bloat and make room for new and improved items.

VanDuinen Studio, LLC technically still exists, so you may see the name around here and there, especially in legal documentation like the Privacy Policy. That doesn’t mean I forgot to update the documentation, that just means it’s the name tied to my IRS number and everything else (I’ll stop there – I can feel your eyes drooping!).

However, I am doing this all myself. If you see something wonky or unclear, feel free to let me know! I’ll help clarify any confusion and/or get links back to working order. I’m sure there are details I’ve missed!

Are there any other big changes planned?

Worry not, I have fully expended my energy for big changes at this point! I’m switching gears now to pitching to art directors with my shiny new portfolio and prepping for the next Art Hop event in Ann Arbor, which is June 11-12. I will also be touching base with my community through a new weekly newsletter called News from the Nest, so please hop on the list! You’ll get access to insider news and exclusive sales, and even some free art here and there. I’d love to connect!
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