Birds, Blooms, and Foliage tea towel shown with coffee mug

Bestseller Alert! Highlighting the Birds, Blooms, and Foliage Tea Towel

As an artist with an overactive attention to detail, I create every product that goes into my store with intention, purpose, and a whole lotta love. But though I may put equal effort into each product’s development, I’m always excited and often surprised to see which ones really connect with an audience.

Since I officially launched this business two years ago (!!), there has been one big-time bestseller: the Birds, Blooms, and Foliage tea towel. This tea towel sells well online, and it sells SO QUICKLY at in-person sales!

Why is that?

Well, I haven’t actually surveyed each customer, but I’ll give you my best guess: nothing beats a cute, round bird!

Sure, its sister design has gorgeous apple blossoms that are always in season in a kitchen, but this towel has both floral illustrations AND some adorable English robins, wrens, and hummingbirds. I mean, how can you top that? The spritely birds look totally ready to hop around and spread some cheer in your kitchen!

So How Did This Tea Towel Come to Be? An Origin Story

For those of you who have been following along since the beginning, you may remember my first big art release: Birds and Blooms. It was comprised of a dozen or so works that I’d drawn with a dip pen and ink and then painted with gouache. Birds, Blooms, and Foliage was one of those pieces! This was the original illustration:

Birds Blooms and Foliage pen and ink illustration

And this is how it was painted:

Birds Blooms and Foliage gouache painting pen and ink illustration

So pretty, right?!

After finishing up Stacie Bloomfield’s Leverage Your Art course that summer, I learned a bit more about working in Adobe Illustrator, and I realized I could take those elements and create even more art with them. So I used the scan to create a pattern that was appropriately sized for a tea towel, and voilà! I had them screen printed by Orchard Street Press, and they have been a solid product in my shop ever since.

Yes, But Aren't Tea Towels Just Decorative?

Look, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been burned before! I can’t resist a pretty tea towel for my own kitchen either, but some of them just don’t work. I hang the duds as decorations next to my towels that can actually absorb a spill or dry my hands after washing.

Luckily, these towels are not just decorative. They are 27” square and made of 100% flour sack cotton, so they’re large, super absorbent, AND really easy to wash. Win-win!

This is mine after 1+ years of heavy use:

Birds blooms and foliage tea towel after one year of use

It’s got a spot here and there that could undoubtedly be bleached out, but the printing has stayed crisp and beautiful. I’m so happy with it, and I know my customers have been too! In fact, a wonderful review just got posted recently:

Beautiful Tea Towel!!! Thanks so much. I absolutely love it.” - A Happy Customer

And I love hearing it!

So, do you have a Birds, Blooms, and Foliage towel in your kitchen already? If so, I’d love to hear what you think! If you don’t have one yet, feel free to hop over to the shop and bring one home (or two – you get a slight discount for bundling).

A quick note for anyone who’s local: I will be at the Westside Art Hop at 1227 W. Liberty THIS WEEKEND, June 11 and 12. Visit the Art Hop’s website for more information about timing, parking, etc. See you there!

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