English Robin African violets hand printed block print on kiwi green paper

Hannah's Favorite in the Shop

Hello, you beautiful soul! Hannah here, back for another entry on the blog. As the artist and owner of this little business, it’s my duty as well as my main goal to create bridges of connection between the things that come out of my head and eventually find their way into your home. So today, I thought I’d highlight my very favorite item currently available here on the website.

There are, of course, quite a few different items listed, from the bestselling Birds, Blooms and Foliage tea towel, to actual mugs featuring the Bird Mugs art, to this birthday card adorned with a cake much prettier than I could bake in real life.

But I have a personal favorite, and that’s the Bird Mugs block print on Hollander’s handmade lokta paper in Kiwi. (Specifically the little robin – it’s such a cute little bird!) I put my heart and soul into creating these prints, from drawing the original sketches, to hand carving twelve linoleum blocks, to selecting the papers and printing the first few test images. I spent around three months with these birds in total, and their launch day was one of my happiest days this year!

It's true that the limited edition versions come in three shades of the lokta paper (there’s also a blue and an orange version), and they are all stunning. But the green is just the perfect shade, especially for someone who loves plant life as much as I do! All three shades, of course, beautifully display the details of each block print, which I print in water-based black ink.

I have a lot in store for you for the rest of this year, and all of it is new and super exciting! But it’s also important to appreciate what’s already in front of us – I’ve spent most of the summer so far slowing down and reminding myself of that fact. Bird Mugs has served as my reminder since the series launched in spring because it’s one of the first series I’ve completed without getting tired of the idea and quitting halfway through. Personal victory!

With any luck, I managed to imbue each print with that same energy.

Maybe, just maybe, a Bird Mugs print could be just the visual reminder you need to pause, take a deep breath, and enjoy whatever is going right in your life at the moment! If you think that could be the case, choose your favorite birdie here:

Bird Mug Block Prints: LIMITED EDITION Hand-Printed Originals

What’s your favorite item in my shop? I’d love to know! Shoot me an email with your vote anytime. 😊

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