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Interior Design: Am I Doing This Right?!

As you may have noticed, I'm big into interior design (especially interior design for real life). It's part of my artist's nature - I love designing the art on the walls, and I love designing rooms to best display that art. This passion has led me to join a few interior design-related groups on Facebook and follow several such boards on Pinterest for inspiration whenever I need it and to keep an eye on trends.

One of those Facebook groups - a group dedicated to bohemian décor - is particularly active, and I have noticed variations of the same question being asked over and over again: "Am I doing this right? Is this ____ style?"

Well today, I'm here to answer that question once and for all: If you love it and you love the way it looks in your home, YES!

Look, I know there are several design styles out there, each one associated with a list of rules. I know there are guidelines on artwork sizing, rug sizing, etc. I know there are blogs upon blogs upon blogs and then several magazines dedicated to telling you exactly how each room should look to be considered this style or that style. There is a TON of information out there for anyone interested in interior design.

But I would like to point out one detail often missed in these lists: you! You are the person living in your space, staring at the décor every day as you run the household and (hopefully) relax. No one will be grading the outcome of your design choices. As long as you (and any other members of your household) love the piece of furniture, art, or general vibe in question, then yes, you've gotten the design right. Unless you are styling shots for an Architectural Digest spread, you are the final vote.

That being said, there's nothing like community to get the ideas flowing when you're at the beginning of a new design project. I like to start with Pinterest, because that image-based search engine is a powerful tool! You can type in a general idea, even something as vague as "living room ideas," and get hundreds of beautiful photos in an instant. Pin or screenshot the ones that speak to you the loudest, which will help you narrow down a description of your aesthetic. 

Once you have an aesthetic in mind, you can search Facebook for groups dedicated to that particular style. Some are more active than others, so I always join a handful and then leave the ones that don't end up offering any value. Once you find one or two that you jive with, you can start building that sense of community! Show off your space, offer advice to other members, and ask questions.

Just please, please don't ask if you're doing it right! If you love it, then you are. No one else can tell you otherwise. 😊

If you'd like a simple guide for narrowing down your art choices beyond the almighty Pinterest, hey, I've got you covered! Download my free guide here and finally find that finishing touch you've been searching for.

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