Product Feature: The Priority List

Product Feature: The Priority List

The blog is back! (Hey, where’s my confetti?)

I’ve been back and forth on the idea of a blog, but really, I’m a writer as much as an artist. It feels natural to have a space to connect with you through both avenues.

As for the schedule, I’ll be coming at ya with posts on the first and third Mondays of each month. You can guarantee that you won’t miss an update by subscribing here – you’ll also get a 15% discount in the shop for doing so, so it’s a win-win situation!

All right, onto the good stuff: the first Monday of each month will be a product feature of sorts, so you can get to know the “why” behind the newest or top-selling products in my shop. This month, I’m taking you behind the scenes on my development of the floral-laden priority list notepads.

It’s story time! Are you ready for this?

To really set the scene, let’s go back to my days in college. Everyone around me takes notes on their laptops, but I’m still carrying around notebooks, pens, and a paper planner. I can’t remember anything I don’t physically write down, and I can’t trust myself to stay focused on class if I have an Internet-connected device right in front of me.

Cut to fully-fledged adulthood: smartphones are now all the rage, and my husband has his calendar fully embedded into an app. I try it out, but I end up missing a doctor’s appointment because I didn’t write it down and only open the calendar app maybe once every two months. (What was up with my notification settings?! I still don’t have the answer.) Back to paper planners for me!

I progress through adulthood, making to-do lists for myself on every little notepad that crosses my path. I wonder why I struggle with basic tasks so much more than anyone else I know, but I chalk it up to personal failure and continue pushing myself to the limits.

My husband and I become parents. Suddenly, my sleep schedule is all whacky, postpartum depression sinks in, and I start getting mental health treatment I probably should’ve sought out years ago. I’m a mess, but I’m putting the work in. Still, something seems off, but I have no idea what that might be.

My best friend loves memes. That’s probably a good 60% of our conversations these days – passing memes back and forth that make us laugh and think of the other. At some point, she started sending me a bunch of ADHD-related memes (she was diagnosed in her 20s).

You guys, a light bulb went OFF.

I couldn’t believe it – there might be an explanation for all that struggling! Something beyond “Hannah is lazy” or “Hannah just needs to try harder.” I got the ball rolling with the therapist I was already speaking to, and lo and behold, I was officially diagnosed with ADHD at age 31. Started medication, and my world changed.

The biggest effect has been internal: I’ve stopped fighting with myself (mostly). If something helps me, like writing down a to-do list instead of trying to keep everything digital, then why would I do anything else?

ADHD really messes with your ability to prioritize different tasks effectively. I may know what needs to get done, and I may even get everything done (HAHAHA not often), but that doesn’t mean I’ve done it in any sort of sensible order.

So, to bring this back around, that’s how I ended up creating this specific priority list notepad. I made it for myself, banking on the idea that I’m not actually alone in this struggle and there are others out there who would find it just as useful a tool. It hits all my major needs:

  • I have to physically write on it, which helps my memory function
  • It’s got a decent amount of space, so I can dump every little task on it that I can think of (yay less brain clutter!)
  • It’s visually segmented to highlight the most important/most pressing tasks, so I don’t hit 8 pm on a Thursday and think “damn, I needed to call my doctor before close!”
  • It’s pretty! (Yes, that counts 😁)

Now, I don’t expect every customer who buys this notepad will have ADHD. I’m sure there are many of you who simply share my love of writing – nothing beats the feel of a pen gliding across the page! But for anyone who is diagnosed or thinks they might have it: hey, I see you. And I understand. And I’m here to help in whatever little way I can!

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Until next time!

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